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Privacy Statement

Who are we?

The Tell Organisation Ltd (which we sometimes refer to as “Tell”, “we” or “us” in this notice) is a training provider delivering training and/or assessment programmes to individuals in, or seeking, employment. Some of the programmes we deliver are funded by Skills Development Scotland (SDS), e.g. Modern Apprenticeship (MA), Employability Fund (EF), etc.

In delivering training and/or assessment programmes to you, Tell will collect and process the following data about you.

Information you as a participant give to Tell

We will collect and process the following personal information:

  • information that you provide about you and your personal circumstances;
  • information about your training and/or assessment programme including details of your academic and/or vocational achievements and progress, your records of work and portfolios relating to your training and subsequent progression and outcomes from your training; and
  • information you provide about yourself in equalities monitoring forms and any disability or care leaver forms.

Sources of Information

Tell will receive the above information from you directly, from referring organisation, e.g. DWP, Careers Office, and/or your employer.

Organisations we may pass your information to

The information collected shall be held by us and may be passed by us to potential employers and/or other bodies concerned with one or more of the following:-

  • employment or work placement vacancies
  • skills development
  • awards for vocational qualifications
  • maintaining awarding body (e.g. SQA, EAL) standards
  • our internal/external auditors

in each case, to the extent required to fulfil their respective functions.

The information you provide to us about aspects such as your ethnicity and religion in the SDS Equality Monitoring Form will be passed to SDS as they are required to report on this information under the Equality Act (2010).

They will only report on your answers to the SDS Equalities Monitoring form in an anonymised manner.

How will we use your information

  • To monitor our compliance with the conditions of funding related to the MA/EF Programmes and to ensure that we are properly spending and are accountable for those monies
  • To generally help you find and retain suitable employment
  • To monitor, audit and evaluate the quality of your individual training and/or assessment programme generally. (Evaluating may include requesting you to complete any questionnaire issued by or on behalf of Tell and/or SDS)
  • To register you with awarding bodies (e.g. SQA) and/or sector skills councils in order to apply for Modern Apprenticeship, SVQ, PDA, etc. certificates
  • To carry out equalities monitoring and to ensure equality of access to our programmes
  • To monitor and evaluate the training against applicable awarding body standards

Please note that SDS or its agents may contact you as a participant on the MA/EF Programme from time to time by telephone, post, text or email or indeed arrange to meet with you directly to discuss matters associated with the provision of your training for the purposes of quality monitoring, training provider compliance and quality assurance, validating training providers’ claims for payment and/or measuring outcomes.

Once you have been verified as a participant under the MA/EF Programme your personal data submitted to SDS by Tell will be retained by SDS from the date it is provided until either:

  • 31st December 2022, or
  • if the programme is extended by the Scottish Government, then two years after 31st December following the submission of final accounts for the MA/EF Programme from Tell to the Scottish Government. This is for the purposes of monitoring and auditing checks performed in relation to the European Social Fund.

Data Protection Statement

Tell is the ‘data controller’ in respect of all of your personal data collected by Tell under the training and assessment programmes we offer. If you require any information regarding your personal data, please contact the Data Protection Officer for Tell, Roddy McVicar, at [email protected]

Your rights

Under data protection laws, you have a number of rights. For example, you can ask us:

  • for a copy of the information we hold about you
  • to delete information or correct any inaccuracies
  • to update any out-of-date information
  • if we hold your information for the purposes of services we provide on behalf of another organisation, any request you make may be more relevant to them. If you do send your request to us and we pass it to another organisation, we will tell you.

You should send your request in writing with enough information for us to confirm your identity. We may ask for more information, for example if someone else makes the request on your behalf we may ask for a specific form of authority by which you allow them to receive your information on your behalf.

If you ask us to delete all data we hold about you, there may be some circumstances we will be unable to agree to your request or where we do agree to delete your data this may result in the termination of our services.

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